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Upgrade Your Audio Equipment with Avantree Bluetooth Transmitters for Wireless Convenience

Avantree is an electronics company that produces Bluetooth audio products including wireless headphones, speakers and transmitters. Their Bluetooth transmitter lineup aims to provide affordable solutions for turning non-Bluetooth audio devices like TVs, stereos or MP3 players into wireless streaming sources according to the brand. Avantree’s transmitters offer an easy, inexpensive way to upgrade your existing equipment with Bluetooth connectivity for headphones or speakers.

Product Lineup

Avantree offers several Bluetooth transmitter models:

  • Priva III – Low latency aptX transmitter with dual link for two headphones and charging port. Typically $30-$50.
  • Leaf – Compact aptX transmitter with volume control, sleep timer and cable for Aux-in or optical digital audio. Typically $20-$40.
  • DS321 – Line-of-sight transmitter with 50 foot range, optical input for TV and Aux in for other devices. Typically $15-$30.
  • BlueFRi – Long range transmitter/receiver with 100+ foot range, analog and digital inputs and hands-free calling. Typically $25-$45.
  • Otto– NFC transmitter with aptX-low latency, fast charging port and cable for both Aux-In and optical digital audio inputs. Typically $25-$50.


Reviews frequently highlight the affordable pricing, ease of use and low latency of many Avantree Bluetooth transmitters as major benefits. Set up is simple and they do the job of providing wireless audio from your choice of device based on feedback. Sound quality is considered more than acceptable for most casual needs according to customers.

Some potential downsides are cheap build quality, lack of advanced Bluetooth formats in certain models and background noise with certain input sources based on reviews. However, as budget-friendly solutions for turning wired audio equipment into wireless Bluetooth streaming sources, Avantree’s transmitters satisfy based on reputation. They aim to provide a straightforward, hassle-free upgrade to your listening experience at an accessible cost according to reviews.

Overall, Avantree Bluetooth transmitters receive very good reviews and recommendations for their value and performance. While basic in design and features, they accomplish the goal of an easy, inexpensive route to wireless audio from TVs, MP3 players, stereos or other devices with a cable output based on customer feedback. For casual streaming around the home with minimal complications or investment, Avantree’s affordable transmitters fit the bill based on impressions. They provide a popular option for simple, functional Bluetooth connectivity on a budget according to reputation.