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The Ultimate Guide to Avantree Reset: Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks


In the world of technology, it’s not uncommon to encounter issues with electronic devices. Whether it’s your smartphone, computer, or even audio equipment like headphones, sometimes a good reset is all you need to fix the problem. Avantree, a renowned brand in the field of audio accessories, offers an array of high-quality products that may occasionally require resetting. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about Avantree reset for troubleshooting purposes.

Understanding Avantree Reset

Resetting an Avantree device essentially means restoring it to its factory settings. This process erases any customized settings or configurations that may be causing issues and takes the device back to its original state when first purchased. However, it’s important to note that performing a reset will also erase any personal data stored on the device. Therefore, it is highly recommended to back up any important files before proceeding with a reset.

Types of Avantree Devices That Can Be Reset

  1. Bluetooth Headphones/Earbuds:

If you experience connectivity issues or notice distorted sound quality on your Avantree Bluetooth headphones or earbuds, performing a reset can often resolve these problems.

  1. Bluetooth Transmitters/Receivers:

Avantree offers a range of Bluetooth transmitters and receivers that enable wireless audio streaming between various devices such as TVs, computers, and speakers. Resetting these devices can help fix connection issues and ensure smooth operation.

  1. Wireless Speakers:

Avantree wireless speakers provide excellent sound quality for outdoor gatherings or indoor use. In case you encounter audio playback problems or difficulties connecting your device via Bluetooth, resetting the speaker might be necessary.

How to Perform an Avantree Reset

The procedure for resetting an Avantree device may vary slightly depending on the model and type of product you are using. However, the following general steps can help guide you through the reset process:

  1. Make sure your Avantree device is fully charged or connected to a power source before attempting a reset.

  2. Locate the reset button on your Avantree device. It is usually a small pinhole that requires pressing with a paperclip or similar object.

  3. With the device turned on, gently insert the paperclip into the reset button hole and press and hold it for approximately 10-15 seconds.

  4. Release the reset button and wait for the device to power off completely.

  5. Turn on your Avantree device as you normally would after it has powered off.

Troubleshooting Tips After an Avantree Reset

Once you have successfully performed a reset, there are additional troubleshooting tips you can follow to ensure optimal performance of your Avantree product:

  1. Update Firmware:

Check if there are any firmware updates available for your specific Avantree model and install them if necessary. Firmware updates often address known issues and introduce new features that enhance overall functionality.

  1. Re-pair/Reconnect Devices:

After resetting Bluetooth devices such as headphones or transmitters/receivers, make sure to re-pair them with other compatible devices according to their respective user manuals’ instructions.

  1. Check Compatibility:

Ensure that all devices involved in your audio setup are compatible with each other regarding Bluetooth versions and supported codecs (e.g., aptX, AAC). Mismatched compatibility might lead to connectivity problems or audio quality issues even after a reset.

  1. Clean Connections:

Inspect all physical connections between devices (e.g., audio cables) for any dirt, dust, or debris that could affect signal transmission. Cleaning these connections can improve audio quality significantly.

  1. Contact Customer Support:

If despite performing an Avantree reset and following troubleshooting tips, you still encounter persistent issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to Avantree’s customer support. They are knowledgeable and well-equipped to provide further assistance or even offer potential warranty solutions.


Avantree reset is a valuable tool for troubleshooting various audio-related issues with their range of devices. By following the general steps outlined in this guide, you can perform a reset on your Avantree headphones, transmitters, receivers, or speakers easily. In combination with additional troubleshooting tips, you’ll be able to maximize the performance of your Avantree products and enjoy uninterrupted audio experiences.