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Immerse Yourself in HiFi 50W Audio Bliss on the Go!


Newdivide Audio, founded in 2005, specializes in the production of audio products. Has a wealth of audio experience, advanced production technology, direct Bluetooth audio, Hi-Fi audio, vinyl record player.

Hot Product

Newdivide Audio, founded in 2005, specializes in the production of audio products. 

1. Vintage leather finish 2.50 watts of rated power sound shock 3. Built-in 4 speakers 4. Built-in lithium battery


A Review Of Newdivide

Bass Reflex Port: Deep Resonance, Powerful Beats

Feel the rhythm with the Bass Reflex Port, enhancing the speaker’s ability to produce deep and resonant bass. Let the beats pulse through you as the Newdivide Bluetooth Speaker creates a dynamic and immersive sound experience.

Equalizer Bass and Treble: Customize Your Sound

Tailor your audio to your preferences with Equalizer Bass and Treble controls. Whether you prefer a booming bass or crisp trebles, this wireless speaker empowers you to customize the sound profile, ensuring a personalized and satisfying listening experience. ️

Wireless Portable Convenience: Music on the Move

Unleash the freedom of wireless music. The Newdivide NTC863 Bluetooth Speaker lets you take your favorite tunes wherever you go. Enjoy the convenience of a portable speaker that doesn’t compromise on audio quality, making your music truly mobile.

Perfect Gift for Audiophiles: Unwrap the Gift of Exceptional Sound

Searching for the perfect gift for audiophiles? The Newdivide NTC863 Bluetooth Speaker is the answer. Unwrap the gift of exceptional sound quality, bass resonance, and customizable audio for music lovers who appreciate the finer details of their listening experience.

Conclusion: Sound Beyond Boundaries

The Newdivide NTC863 Bluetooth Speaker isn’t just a speaker; it’s a portal to a world of sound beyond boundaries. Immerse yourself in HiFi 50W audio, feel the deep resonance of the Bass Reflex Port, and customize your listening experience with Equalizer controls. Elevate your music journey with this exceptional wireless portable speaker. ✨