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Avantree SP850 Rechargeable Portable FM Radio Review

The Avantree SP850 is a pocket-sized FM radio that doesn’t require batteries or charging cables thanks to its built-in rechargeable battery. With a robust feature set in a lightweight body, it’s great for listening on the go.

Key Features

  • 3-IN-1 RADIO SPEAKER: You can stream music wireless from your PC / phone / tablet via Wireless. Kids and elder people can listen to their favorite stories and songs via Micro SD card mode. You can enjoy favorite music/radios via FM radio mode.
  • AUTO & MANUALLY SEARCH & SAVE CHANNELS: With one click, the device will auto search and save all available stations. Also you can manually select and save your favorite stations by pressing the number buttons. Connect the USB cable as an antenna to enhance signal for some enclosed environment.
  • AMAZING SOUND WITH SIX EQUALIZER MODES: Experience your tunes tailored to you, with the natural, rock, pop, classic, jazz and soft music tones under Wireless and Micro SD card mode.
  • ULTRA- PORTABLE DESIGN: Thanks to the lightweight and small design for pocket speaker (size 130*32*66mm) with additional hand strap enables it very convenient to take along to anywhere. Like driving between your home and office and wal

A full charge provides up to 12 hours of continuous listening time.


The SP850 picks up FM signals clearly and scans quickly to find available stations. Sound quality is good through headphones or the internal 1W speaker.

Buttons allow easy tuning and volume control. The display shows radio text if available.


Weighing only 2.4 ounces, the SP850’s plastic body is lightweight and durable for life on the go. The built-in clip attaches securely.

Rubberized finish makes it easy to grip. Audio out and micro USB charging ports are protected by silicone plugs.

Customer review

This review is for the Avantree 3-in-1 portable FM radio with Bluetooth. I’ve had many speakers that stream music, bluetooth speakers and just FM radios in my continual search for an interruption-free portable music experience that I can use while I’m working. This radio comes as close to filling the bill as any other speaker I’ve had. It’s a nice little unit. My first impressions when I unboxed it was that it was well packaged, in an eye-appealing box. The box you almost hate to get rid of, it’s got little magnets that help the lid to close soundly. It’s cool and all, but the radio is what I’m after, it was a bit smaller than what I thought it would be, which is not a bad thing. It’s lightweight too, which might make you think it’s cheap, but you will be surprised.

I did have a problem with my first unit. When I turned it on, the LCD display would light up, but you saw nothing. That’s kind of a problem with a speaker like this that is multifunction. I did figure out how to set the sources I wanted without actually seeing what was on the screen, that was nice, but I knew this was a defect I couldn’t live with. I wrote the email address on the support card that came with the radio and got a response within a couple of hours. I was all set up to return the unit to Amazon, no questions asked. And for my inconvenience, they gave me a code to get $10 off if I wanted to reorder the unit, which I gladly did. I left this review at 5 stars because although I had a problem, one I believe would be rare with this radio, the customer service was top notch and ready to make me a satisfied customer. It’s not that common anymore to get customer service worth a salt, so I appreciate that, in addition to the really cool radio!

I’m glad because the unit I received worked perfectly in every way. The LCD display is quite handy and it’s also got a battery saving feature that kills the light after a short period. I’ve found the battery life to be very adequate and has lived up to the 8 hour claim. The nice thing about this unit is that the battery is replaceable. And I do love the Micro SD slot. If you have a lot of old MP3 music on a hard drive, you never have to worry about not having music if you fill a 32 GB card with MP3 music, it will be a long time before you have to hear the same song twice!

The radio itself is stylish looking and has a strap that can be removed. My initial thought was that I was going to toss that strap, but the first time I hung it near where I was welding, I immediately appreciated it. I weld and fabricate, so I create a great deal of ferrous shavings and dust, which wreak hell on speakers in general (the ferrous dust gets pulled into the speaker magnets and covers them to the point that the speaker no longer works or works with much distortion. I try to keep anything with a speaker away from my welding dust, so the strap is handier than I first thought.

The radio sounds suprisingly robust and crystal clear for such a small device. It looks to me like there are actually 2 speakers, each on opposite sides. This seems to give it more bass. It’s a good sound in all modes. The radio even has a built in equalizer with some preset modes, so that’s fun to play with too and each one has a noticable difference in sound quality. The radio is equipped with a pleasant female voice that helps confirm menu choices. To me, it’s a classy feature that sets this radio apart from others.

It’s got a good FM tuner. The radio has an autoscan mode which is a good way to start. Let it run through and save the best stations, then you can go through and delete the ones you don’t want or like. You can go to any station quickly by hitting the corresponding buttons on top. 102.5 would be 1-0-2-5 on the top buttons. When it does the autoscan, it saves the 30 best reception channels. These are the channels that the radio will go to if you hit the forward or reverse buttons. If you hard press the same, it will do a scan from that point to the next station that gets reception, regardless of the autoscan saves.

The bluetooth is real easy to connect to other bluetooth devices and has a good range. 20 feet is about where I start losing the signal and music starts to get choppy. If it’s a clear line, maybe further, and if you go into other rooms, it kills bluetooth badly, so that’s just something to keep in mind. There’s nothing wrong with bluetooth on this little radio.

The Micro SD is my favorite feature of this radio. I used to have the Creative Jukebox type of music players. I had a Grace digital streaming player and I’ve had bluetooth speakers. None of them had the Micro SD capability that this has. The Creative Jukebox really didn’t need it, but the Grace relied on a good wifi signal, which I know my welding equipment sometimes messes with the wifi signal and bluetooth too. Days where it seems that’s the case, it’s nice to have the Micro SD feature. I found out quickly that it doesn’t support Itunes music format, but does support MP3 all day long. It also works as a portable USB drive when you plug it in with the provided micro USB cable. When you use this mode, it automatically goes to USB cable mode when you turn it on.

Customer questions & answers

Q: Can you connect a Bluetooth speaker like the jbl boom box to this ?


Q: Can this radio transmit via bluetooth to an external bluetooth speaker?

A: can it Bluetooth to ear buds

Q: Can I use I pods

A: No, this just can use as receiver.

Q: can it be used with an iPod ?

A: Yes, it can use as wired(3.5mm audio cable) connection or Bluetooth if your iPod have bluetooth.Thanks.

Q: Is the sound quality tinny? Does it get loud without being distorted? Could it be heard over water running in shower?

A: The sound quality is great in my opinion, and gives off nice bass. It would definitely be loud enough to hear over the sound of the shower

With a rechargeable battery, crisp FM stereo reception, and travel-friendly design, the Avantree SP850 is an excellent portable radio for listening anywhere.