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Avantree Oasis Plus: Low Latency Streaming on a Budget

The Oasis Plus is Avantree’s latest aptX Low Latency Bluetooth transmitter. It streams high-quality wireless audio from your TV, PC or other device to Bluetooth headphones, soundbars or speakers with minimal delay. It supports both optical and 3.5mm inputs and provides 15-20 hours of battery life per charge. At under $50, the Oasis Plus is an affordable aptX LL option for lag-free wireless streaming.

Avantree HT4189: Extended Range & Dual Functionality

The HT4189 is a long-range Bluetooth transmitter/receiver that can stream audio to Bluetooth headphones or play audio from a Bluetooth source on your home stereo. It has optical/RCA inputs/outputs, supports aptX codec and gets 10-15 hours of batter life. With a 100-foot range and under $80, the HT4189 offers solid value considering its range and dual transmitter/receiver abilities.

Avantree Saturn Pro: Premium Performance for a Price

The Saturn Pro is Avantree’s higher-end aptX Low Latency Bluetooth transmitter for lag-free wireless streaming. Beyond aptX LL support, it also has optical/3.5mm/coaxial inputs, a 200-foot range and 20-hour battery life. An LCD display provides input/output/connectivity info. Made for home and commercial use, the Saturn Pro delivers high performance at under $200—paying for range, features and build.

Avantree Portable Bluetooth Transmitters

Avantree’s compact portable Bluetooth transmitters include the Clipper and Torpedo. Lightweight and pocket-sized with a built-in battery, they make any 3.5mm device Bluetooth capable. Ranging from $25 to $50 with 5 to 15 hours of streaming per charge, these affordable mini transmitters provide basic wireless connectivity on-the-go.

In summary, Avantree offers Bluetooth transmitters from under $30 mini models to over $150 long-range options for home and portable use. While less pricey than premium brands, Avantree provides solid value. To cut the cord with your TV, PC, MP3 player or other device, Avantree Bluetooth transmitters offer an easy, budget-friendly solution for lag-free wireless streaming wherever you need it.