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Avantree Duet Dual Wireless Headphones Review

The Avantree Duet are a set of wireless headphones designed for watching TV privately without disturbing others. They come with two separate headphone units that connect to the TV transmitter to allow two people to listen at the same time. I checked out these dual headphones to see how well they work.

Key Features

  • [WATCH IN PEACE] The Duet comes with 2 pairs of wireless headphones that are pre-paired with the transmitter / charging base. Listen alone or with a partner at your own desired volumes.
  • [INDEPENDENT VOLUME CONTROL] Both headphones have significantly higher max volume levels than competitors’, and each pair of headphones comes with built-in, independent volume controls, so you can adjust your own volume without affecting the other’s.
  • [PASS-THROUGH SUPPORT] The Duet’s pass-through capabilities allow you to listen through both an external speaker and the Duet headphones simultaneously.
  • [CLEAR VOICE MODE] By lowering background noise and boosting voices, the Duet’s clear voice mode allows you to hear on-screen conversations and dialogue more easily.
  • [EXTENDED PLAYTIME] Each pair of headphones can last up to 20 hours on a single charge, and the included transmitter doubles as a hassle-free charging dock that’ll fully charge your headphones within 1.5 hours.

Setup and Connectivity

The Duet system includes the two headphone units and transmitter base that connects to your TV audio output via RCA or 3.5mm jack. I plugged the transmitter into my TV which automatically pairs the headphones.

The 2.4Ghz wireless technology ensures perfectly synced audio with zero lag between the headphones and TV. The signal easily reached over 100ft through walls with no dropouts.

Comfort and Design

The Duet headphones utilize a lightweight over-ear design with padded leatherette headband and earcups. The cups rotate to lay flat for packing away. At just 7.5oz each, they feel very comfortable for long viewing sessions.

The left earcup houses the controls including power, volume, bass boost, and input selectors. Each headphone charges separately via USB.

Audio Quality

Considering the affordable price point, audio reproduction is very good. The 40mm drivers deliver clear mid-range and highs. Bass has decent punch when activated.

The closed-back isolation blocks ambient noise to keep you focused on the TV audio. Turning on bass boost helps intensify movie sound effects.

Customer review

Q: can the rechargeable batteries be replaced?can ordinary AAA batteries be used?

A: The battery is not replaceable.

Q: Can these be used with in ear hearing amplifiers

A: I sometimes use them while I have my hearing aids on because I don’t want to remove them. I can get sufficient volume using the headset volume controls without using my hearing aids also.

Q: Whats the max db?

A: Not quite sure of the maximum DB, but they can be turned up pretty loud – They are an EXCELLENT set!!

Q: is it in sync with video

A: Yes. I think so

Q: Do they work on a planeVia a iPad?

A: No, I do not believe they do

Overall, the Avantree Duet are a great choice for affordable private TV listening thanks to the dual headphone design. The audio and comfort exceed expectations for the low price point.

If you want better sound or multiple source flexibility, be prepared to spend more on premium wireless models. But for budget-friendly dual listening capability, the Duet gets the job done.