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Avantree DG80 vs C81: A Comparison of Two Bluetooth Transmitters

Introduction: Bluetooth transmitters have revolutionized the way we enjoy music and audio in our daily lives. With versatile options available in the market, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. In this article, we will compare two popular Bluetooth transmitters: Avantree DG80 and C81. This comprehensive analysis will help you make an informed decision about which one suits your needs best.

Outline: I. Introduction II. Overview of Avantree DG80 A. Design and Features B. Connectivity Options III. Overview of Avantree C81 A. Design and Features B. Connectivity Options IV. Comparison between DG80 and C81 A. Audio Quality B. Transmission Range C. Connection Stability V. Additional Features VI. Price and Value for Money VII.Conclusion


Bluetooth technology has made it incredibly convenient to wirelessly connect devices for seamless audio transmission without compromising on quality or performance. In this comparison article, we will delve into the features, performance, connectivity options, and additional functionalities offered by two renowned Bluetooth transmitters – Avantree DG80 and C81.

Overview of Avantree DG80: The Avantree DG80 is a compact, yet powerful Bluetooth transmitter designed to enhance your audio experience with its high-fidelity sound transmission capabilities.

Aesthetically pleasing with its sleek design, the DG80 boasts a robust build quality that ensures durability while being user-friendly at the same time. Equipped with dual-link support, this transmitter allows you to simultaneously connect two headphones or speakers without any noticeable latency issues.

Furthermore, it supports various audio codecs such as aptX Low Latency, aptX HD, AAC, SBC ensuring optimal sound quality regardless of the device used for transmission.

Overview of Avantree C81: The Avantree C81 is another popular Bluetooth transmitter that offers impressive features and versatility to enhance your audio experience. With its compact design, it blends seamlessly into any audio setup.

The C81 also supports dual-link connectivity, allowing you to connect two headphones simultaneously for shared listening experiences. Additionally, it supports the aptX Low Latency codec, ensuring minimal delay between the transmitter and the connected devices.

Comparison between DG80 and C81:

Audio Quality: When it comes to audio quality, both the DG80 and C81 excel. Both transmitters support various high-quality codecs such as aptX HD and AAC, delivering superior sound fidelity without compromising on latency issues. Whether you are a casual listener or an audiophile, both devices will provide satisfactory results in terms of audio performance.

Transmission Range: In terms of transmission range, the DG80 offers a robust coverage area with a range of up to 100ft (30m). This makes it suitable for larger spaces where consistent Bluetooth connectivity is essential. On the other hand, the C81 provides a slightly shorter range of up to 70ft (20m), which may be sufficient for most home setups but lacks some versatility when compared to the DG80 in larger areas.

Connection Stability: Stable connections are crucial when using Bluetooth transmitters. The DG80 incorporates advanced technology that ensures stable connections even in congested wireless environments. Its strong signal penetration allows uninterrupted streaming without interference from other devices. Similarly, the C81 employs similar technology for reliable connections; however, its signal strength may be slightly weaker than DG80 under challenging wireless conditions.

Additional Features: Both transmitters offer additional features that elevate their functionality further. The DG80 stands out with its auto-pairing feature, automatically connecting to previously paired headphones or speakers once they’re within range. This convenience saves time and effort each time you want to reconnect your devices. On the contrary, the C81 incorporates a bypass mode that allows you to seamlessly switch between Bluetooth and wired audio sources, adding flexibility to your audio setup.

Price and Value for Money: In terms of pricing, the DG80 and C81 offer great value for money in their respective price segments. While the DG80 may be slightly more expensive than the C81, its additional features, longer transmission range, and stronger connection stability justify the price difference. Ultimately, both devices offer competitive features that make them worth considering based on individual requirements.

Conclusion: Ultimately, choosing between Avantree DG80 and C81 depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you prioritize longer transmission range, enhanced connection stability, and advanced automatic pairing capabilities, then the DG80 is an excellent choice. On the other hand, if you require a compact device with dual-link support and seamless switching between Bluetooth and wired audio sources at an affordable price point, then the C81 serves as a compelling option. Regardless of your choice, both transmitters guarantee exceptional sound quality while enriching your wireless audio experience.