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Avantree DG60P Bluetooth Adapter Review

The Avantree DG60P is a USB Bluetooth adapter designed to add wireless connectivity to PCs and laptops. With long range and convenient controls, it allows you to pair Bluetooth headphones or speakers to your computer.

Key Features

  • [ULTRA-LONG RANGE] Transmit audio up to 164ft/50m outdoors or 100ft/30m indoors for excellent connection and sound quality on the move.
  • [QUALCOMM APTX ADAPTIVE] Enjoy high-definition audio with Qualcomm aptX technology, near-CD-quality sound, stable connection, 24-bit aptX adaptive, auto-adjust, dynamic scaling, energy-efficient, and aptX-HD audio support.
  • [WIDE COMPATIBILITY] Add Bluetooth audio capability to your Desktop, iMac, seamlessly connecting with Bluetooth headphones and speakers for easy audio integration.
  • [LOW LATENCY] Minimise lag or delay for an engaging gaming and streaming experience on PS5/PS4 with our technology. Compatible with Bluetooth aptX Low Latency (40ms) or aptX Adaptive (66ms) headphones or speakers.
  • [USER-FRIENDLY] No complicated software or driver installation required with our plug-and-play transmitter. The device auto-reconnects for easy integration and wireless audio enjoyment on your PC.

With a compact design, the DG60P can stay plugged into your computer discreetly.


The DG60P provides robust wireless connectivity up to 30 feet away. High-quality audio codecs like AptX ensure great sound quality when streaming music or video.

The built-in mic picks up voice clearly for conference calls. Bluetooth connectivity is reliable and stable during use.

Customer review

This works amazingly well.

Please be aware, as noted in the listing, this is only for audio.

It will not work with other Bluetooth devices like keyboard and mouse.

This shouldn’t be a problem as most PCs nowadays come with Bluetooth for everything else.

Just use the built-in Bluetooth on your motherboard for all other devices other except for audio devices.
This has an amazing range.

I have several other Bluetooth 5.3 extended-range dongles but this has the longest range.

This doesn’t lose connectivity even in a spot in my house where all of the other extended-range dongles do lose connectivity.

I like that this gives you lag-free audio which is really noticeable while watching videos online.

Initially, I thought since this doesn’t come up as a Bluetooth receiver on the computer, it would only pair to 1 device but I’m happy to report that it allows you to pair many different headphones and earbuds.

This is great because I have many different headphones and earbuds that I like to switch between and this allows me to pair and save them all which allows me to just pick up any headphones or earbuds I want to use and it connects to it without having to pair it to this every time I switch to different headphone or earbuds.

I love that I now have aptX on my computer.

This finally gives me excellent low latency and high-quality Bluetooth sound from my PC and I absolutely love it.

I held off before because I thought you would I would have to disable my other Bluetooth receiver for other devices since you can only have 1 Bluetooth installed in Windows but since this installs as a USB device instead of a Bluetooth receiver, you get to keep and use both so this works Amazing for my needs.

Since this saves the paired headphones to the device instead of Windows, you can take it out and plug it into other computers or laptops without having to pair and save the other computers or laptops like you would have to with the built-in or even other Bluetooth dongles that installs into Windows as a Bluetooth receiver.

This turned out to be way better than I was expecting and turned out to be exactly what I always wanted.Highly recommend this one.

Customer questions & answers

Q: Compatible with jabra 85 h? For use ps4

A: Yes, it should works. But as jabra 85 h doesn’t support faststream codec, you need to switch DG60 to call mode by double clicking the MFB button if you want to use the mic.

Q: Does it work with ps4?

A: Yes, it works with PS4

Q: Does headphone with mic works with this product?

A: Yes, the mic will work. But if your headset doesn’t support faststream codec, you need to switch DG60 to call. And in call mode, you just can get mono sound quality. If you want to get high sound quality, you could check avantree faststream codec headst, like Aria/ Aria pro. Any problem or questions, you could contact us at [email protected].

Q: Does this support in game voice chat? (Being able to pic up a headset’s mic and receive audio simultaneously)

A: Yes, it supports. But please make sure your headset supports faststream codec. Please contact us at [email protected], we are here to help. 

Q: Will it work with printer to pc?

A: No, it doesn’t work with printer. It is just an audio adapter.

Q: will this work w my chromebook?

A: Yes, it will work. It works with computers/PS4.

With excellent wireless range and performance, the Avantree DG60P is a great choice for adding Bluetooth capabilities to your computer. It’s an easy recommendation for desktops or laptops lacking built-in Bluetooth.