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Avantree DG60 vs DG80: A Detailed Comparison

Introduction: When it comes to enjoying high-quality audio wirelessly, Avantree has consistently proven to be a reliable brand. Their range of Bluetooth transmitters and receivers have garnered much attention in the market, with the DG60 and DG80 standing out as exceptional choices. In this article, we will delve into a detailed comparison between these two models, exploring their features, performance, and overall value for money.

Outline: I. Introduction II. Overview of Avantree DG60 A. Design and Build Quality B. Connectivity Options C. Audio Performance III. Overview of Avantree DG80 A. Design and Build Quality B. Connectivity Options C. Audio Performance IV. Comparison: Features and Specifications A. Range and Coverage B. Bluetooth Version and Codec Support C. Dual-link Capability V.Conclusion


Avantree is a reputed brand known for its innovative audio solutions that enhance our wireless experience while maintaining excellent sound quality. The AvantreeDG60 and DG80 are both Bluetooth transmitters/receivers designed to provide seamless audio transmission across various devices such as TVs, PCs, headphones, and speakers. Let’s begin by taking a closer look at the AvantreeDG60.

Overview of Avantree DG60: Design and Build Quality: The DG60 boasts a compact yet sturdy design with an elegant matte black finish that easily blends in with any setup or environment. Its durable build ensures longevity even under regular use or travel situations.

Connectivity Options: Equipped with both 3.5mm AUX input/output and digital optical ports (TOSLINK), the DG60 offers versatile connectivity options to cater to different devices’ requirements. Additionally, it supports USB audio input/output connections. This wide array of connectivity options allows the DG60 to seamlessly connect with a myriad of devices, including TVs, PCs, gaming consoles, and more.

Audio Performance: The DG60 features Bluetooth 5.0 and supports aptX Low Latency, ensuring minimal audio delay during playback. This reduces lip-sync issues while watching videos or playing games. Furthermore, it supports both TX (transmitter) and RX (receiver) modes, allowing you to switch between transmitting audio from non-Bluetooth devices or receiving audio to non-Bluetooth speakers or headphones. The DG60 provides a robust wireless range of up to 164 feet in open spaces. In terms of sound quality, it delivers clear and distortion-free audio with support for aptX HD codec, ideal for high-resolution audio playback.

Moving on to the AvantreeDG80:

Overview of Avantree DG80: Design and Build Quality: Compared to the DG60’s compact design, the DG80 boasts a more feature-rich build with a larger form factor. Its all-black exterior exudes a premium look that blends well with modern entertainment setups.

Connectivity Options: Similar to the DG60, the DG80 also offers multiple connectivity options. It features 3.5mm AUX input/output ports as well as digital optical inputs/outputs (TOSLINK). Additionally, it includes RCA ports for connecting to older audio systems that lack modern digital connections. The inclusion of NFC pairing allows for quick and hassle-free connection with compatible devices.

Audio Performance: Like its counterpart, the DG80 incorporates Bluetooth 5.0 for stable connections over longer distances without compromising on sound quality. It supports aptX Low Latency codec for minimal audio delay when using headphones or speakers during video playback or gaming sessions. With an upgraded range of up to 295 feet in open spaces, the DG80 ensures you can enjoy your favorite content wirelessly without restrictions. Moreover, it offers dual-link capability in both transmitter and receiver modes, allowing you to connect two devices simultaneously.

Comparison: Features and Specifications

  1. Range and Coverage: While the DG60 offers a commendable range of 164 feet, the DG80 takes it a step further with a remarkable coverage of up to 295 feet. This makes the DG80 a more viable option for larger spaces or situations where you require extended connectivity.

  2. Bluetooth Version and Codec Support: Both models feature Bluetooth 5.0, which guarantees stable connections and reduced power consumption. However, the DG60 supports aptX HD codec in addition to aptX Low Latency, making it ideal for audiophiles who prioritize high-resolution audio playback.

  3. Dual-link Capability: The DG80 edges ahead by allowing dual-link functionality in both transmitter and receiver modes. This means you can stream audio from two devices simultaneously or connect two headphones/speakers independently without interference.

Conclusion: In conclusion, both the AvantreeDG60 and DG80 offer exceptional audio transmission capabilities while catering to different user preferences. If compact design, versatility in connectivity options, and support for aptX HD codec are your priorities, then the AvantreeDG60 is an excellent choice. However, if extended range coverage and dual-link capability are significant factors for you, then the AvantreeDG80 should be your go-to device. Regardless of your selection between these two models, Avantree ensures top-notch performance and reliability that will undoubtedly enhance your wireless audio experience. So take your pick according to your specific requirements and enjoy seamless audio connectivity at its best!