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Avantree CK310 Bluetooth Transmitter Review

With the rise of Bluetooth wireless technology, you can now stream audio wirelessly from TVs, computers, and other devices to Bluetooth speakers and headphones. One company making this possible is Avantree with their versatile CK310 Bluetooth 5.0 transmitter.

I tested out the Avantree CK310 transmitter and found it provides an easy plug-and-play way to add Bluetooth streaming capabilities to any audio source. Here is an in-depth review of this handy wireless transmitter.

Key Features

  • [WIRELESS STREAMING IN YOUR CAR] Adding technology in your car: 1) Wireless connection; 2) Answer phone calls with a touch of a button; 3) Navigation with your phone GPS; 4) Play music, podcasts, audiobooks and more!
  • [NO CIGARETTE LIGHTER REQUIRED] Unlike other products on the market, this Bluetooth FM transmitter does not occupy your cars cigarette lighter or other port locations. The built-in battery is designed to last up to 7 hours of wireless play time for music, taking calls or navigating with driving directions.
  • [PLACE ANYWHERE YOU WANT] More versatile than competitor’s devices that only connects to the cigarette port restricting your mounting locations. Our wireless FM radio transmitter device comes with magic tape to be placed wherever is most convenient for you to operate and make clear calls.
  • [TURNS ON / OFF WITH YOUR CAR] Conveniently designed so you don’t have to worry about charging and pressing the power button every time you step in your vehicle. While connected via USB port, the hassle-free CK310 auto powers on/off along with your vehicle. Compatible with all Wireless enabled phones and all car models with FM radio.
  • [USER FRIENDLY] Using wireless or wired connection – turn your car FM radio on, find an empty frequency, and match it to the transmitter; Pair it with your mobile device via Wireless to enjoy music playback or hands-free conversation. The large LED touch screen simplifies the process of adjusting FM frequencies, answering or disconnecting calls, or playing and pausing your music.

Unboxing and Setup

Setting up the CK310 is quick and simple. The package includes the transmitter unit, TOSLINK optical cable, RCA cables, 3.5mm cable, USB charging cable, user manual, and carrying case.

For my setup, I connected the optical output of my smart TV to the optical input on the CK310 using the included TOSLINK cable. With the device powered on, I instantly paired my wireless headphones via Bluetooth.

The CK310 has its own volume buttons allowing you to control the volume independently of your TV or audio source volume.

Bluetooth Performance

With the CK310, I was able to get a solid Bluetooth connection up to 30 feet away without any audio dropouts. The sound quality over Bluetooth was excellent, especially when using the aptX codec for full CD-quality audio.

Movies and videos streamed flawlessly thanks to the low latency support keeping audio in perfect sync with video.

Connectivity Options

The CK310 makes it easy to stream audio wirelessly from a variety of devices:

  • TVs – Optical input for digital audio from smart TVs.
  • Stereos – RCA input for analog stereo audio.
  • Computers/phones – 3.5mm input for portable audio sources.

No matter if your audio source is optical, RCA, or 3.5mm aux, the CK310 has you covered.

Customer review

First, it’s smaller than I thought it was going to be, which is fine. Fir reference it’s about the diameter of a dollar coin, for those who’ve seen one.

I used the included peal and stick backing putting it on the dash of my work pickup truck.

It’s easy to dial (adjust) to any FM frequency. And it paired to my android phone quick & easy. It has remained paired & available as soon as I turn it on. (if I have the Bluetooth open on my phone, as soon as it pairs it will show me how much battery charge it currently has.)

The soundnis as good as the FM frequency I’m on. I sometimes have to change it due to the area I’m in having FM channel interference (that’s the radios issue, not this device). So I have two FM frequencies set in my radio and this device is very quick & easy to adjust back & forth when needed.I’ve used the phone call answer & talk feature. It works quickly & simply. Sound quality for the caller is usable but not great. Some of that depends on road/ wind noise. The quieter your vehicle interior the better it works.

What I don’t like, hence only 4 stars, is it does not have a Pause option/ feature. I use this mainly to listen to podcasts as I drive. But I do have to stop and exit my truck throughout the day. I have to use the Pause on my phone vs if this had a pause I could just use. (it will pause when a phone call comes in, or notifications, but I think that’s the phone doing the pause, not this device.

Battery life is just about what they claim. And it will stay paired/ connected to my phone all day even if I have my phone/ podcast paused for long periods.

For the money it’s great, I just wish it had a Pause (and battery level indicator, at least when it’s first turned on).

Customer questions & answers

Q: Does bluetooth work with LG Stylo 5?

A: Yes, it should work.

Q: Does it work with Parrot Bluetooth car kit?

A: That I don’t know

Q: Does it have a voice telling you the device is connected or does it give a tone?

A: There is a voice that says something like Bluetooth device connected or device connected, don’t remember which

Q: Is it switch to phone call when someone calls or we try to call from music mode? How much noise reduction effectively working during driving and call?

A: From music mode itself when a call appears it will be answer by a swipe of your phone. As for the sounds while driving its an A++ when you picked a call the music stopped and you can answered the call from a speaker mode.

Q: Does it work with Parrot Bluetooth car kit?

A: Not sure how do you want to use it. It can pair it with your mobile phone via bluetooth and connect with your car radio via FM. Now it can transfer your phone audio to your car radio.

Overall the CK310 provides stellar sound quality and versatility in a simple, compact unit.