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Avantree C81 USB-C Bluetooth Audio Adapter Review

The Avantree C81 USB-C Bluetooth Audio Adapter allows you to add wireless audio capabilities to USB-C devices like laptops and tablets. With aptX and AAC support, it enables high quality streaming from your favorite headphones and speakers

Key Features

  • [Hassle-Free Set Up]: Get wireless Bluetooth audio streaming in no time with the C81. Simply plug it into your device’s USB-C port, set your headphones or speakers to pairing mode, and an automatic connection will be made. No driver or software installation is needed!
  • [Wide Compatibility]: The C81 adapter is designed to work with a wide range of devices, and makes it simple for previously unsupported devices to now have Bluetooth capability. Easily transmit audio wirelessly from your USB-C ported PS5, Switch, or PC/Laptop to your Bluetooth headphones or speaker. In addition, a converter cable is included to enable devices with just a USB-A port to have the same functionality.
  • [High-Quality Audio]: The C81 supports seamless, wireless voice chat via an included microphone to plug into your controller. In addition to chatting during the game, you can also listen to background music simultaneously, and do both in stereo sound. No limits to audio quality here.
  • [Eliminate Audio Delays]: Having your audio out-of-sync with your game or video is really frustrating. You can eliminate the issue with the C81, which is aptX Low Latency certified. Lag is reduced to less than 40ms, 5x shorter than standard Bluetooth and virtually unnoticeable. Now you can enjoy gaming or watching a movie with real-time audio synchronization.
  • [Extended Range]: The Avantree C81 uses Bluetooth v5.0, ensuring stable & reliable connectivity up to 100 ft (30 m) away. Need to step away from your screen? No problem. Walk around without the audio connection breaking up or dropping. Actual range may be affected by any physical obstructions.

Weighing just 0.32oz, the C81 can stay connected discreetly to your device.


Bluetooth 5.2 provides reliable connectivity up to 15 meters away. aptX and AAC allow high resolution audio streaming to compatible devices.

The C81 has very low latency for syncing audio to video and games. Pairs easily with phones, tablets, and laptops.


The USB-C connector plugs directly into devices for a clutter-free setup. Two headphones or speakers can connect simultaneously for sharing audio.

The compact design stays out of the way during use. LED indicator shows power and pairing status.

The charging case provides up to 4 full charges on the go. Touch controls give easy access to music and call functions.

Customer questions & answers

I got this cause I wanted to use some Bluetooth earbuds for my PS5. PS5 doesn’t support Bluetooth audio earbuds (yet) so I figured I would work around it by pairing the buds with the TV. However, the audio between any type of earbuds and TV was off by like a second.

So I found this audio adapter and the desync between the buds and audio is gone. Set up was easy. Just plugged it into the PS5 USB-C slot. PS5 recognized it and automatically switched the audio to the adapter. Change your buds into pairing mode and then hold the button on the BT adapter until it starts to flash to pair both. Should be good to go from there.

Not using this for the mic feature. Most, if not all BT adapters have bad quality when using the mic feature anyway.

Things to note. I did try this with 3 sets of buds. My 2 newer buds which advertise 5.2/5.3 Bluetooth tech still had audio desync issues. However, my older set works perfectly. I found this to be fine since my older buds sound the best out of the three.

Customer review

Q: Is it for tv? my tv doesn’t support bt & it doesn’t have an aux port, it has usb. will this adapter let me connect the tv audio to my bt headphones?

A: The usb connection on the tv are normally only for charging, and audio output must be connected at the 3.5 mm jack, the hdmi or the optical outputs. It depends on the tv. Check your tv set for information about this.

Q: Does it work with rc8x radiolink ?

A: Unfortunately, the product in question will not work with rc8x radiolink receivers. RC8x receivers operate on a different frequency range and protocol, therefore they are not compatible.

Q: would this allow for the mic on my bluetooth headphones to be used?

A: Yes, it allows. If you want to use your headphones’ built-in mic, double click the Multi-Function Button on the C81 and enter talk mode. The sound quality will be limited in this mode. This is due to current Bluetooth technology restraints.

Q: Can i use this to connect my audio Bluetooth beats to my pS5?

A: Yes you could connect your beats to the ps5

Q: can you connect multiple devices at once? and will it work with a wireless mouse?

A: It is bluetooth audio adapter. You can pair two bluetooth headphone with it at the same time. but it doesn’t work bluetooth mouse/keyboard.

With USB-C convenience, high quality streaming, and portability, the Avantree C81 is an excellent pick for upgrading audio on modern devices.