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Avantree C51 Bluetooth Transmitter Review

The Avantree C51 is a compact Bluetooth transmitter that allows you to add wireless streaming capabilities to any device with a USB Type C port. I tested out the C51 to evaluate its performance.

Key Features

  • 【PERFECT PAIRING】Our Bluetooth 5.0 audio transmitter specially designed for use with the Nintendo Switch as well as providing a perfect solution to enable Non-Bluetooth PC/Other Devices to use bluetooth headphones and speakers. Get wireless freedom and never be bound again!
  • 【EASY TO USE】Plug and Play for your convenience with an LED indicator, connection setup is simple utilizing the Nintendo switch USB C port directly for portable use. Includes USB C to A cable, so you can plug it to the Switch dock for home use.
  • 【NO LIP-SYNC DELAY】Supports the aptX low latency and FastStream codec to virtually eliminate audio-visual lag making the C51 an ideal choice for playing games. For best results, use with aptX low latency or FastStream codec supporting headphones, e g Avantree Aria, ANC031 or ANC032.
  • 【NO BATTERY HASSLE】The battery-free C51 receives power directly from your Nintendo Switch. Only drawing minimal power from your Switch, it is safe from being Bricked. Simultaneously charge your Nintendo Switch thru the C51 while in use for unlimited power.
  • 【Music Stream or Gaming Chat】Simply double click the MFB to switch C51 to call mode. The LED will flash white quickly. For simultaneously stream STEREO voice and music while gaming, please use Avantree FastStream supported headphones.

Design and Setup

The C51 has a slim and portable design making it easy to pair with laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It charges via USB C and includes a short USB C to C cable.

Setup only takes a moment – simply plug the C51 into any USB C port to instantly transmit audio over Bluetooth. I connected it to my USB C laptop and was streaming music in seconds.

Bluetooth Performance

Pairing my Bluetooth headphones took just a tap, and the transmission range held up impressively at over 30 feet without dropouts. Audio sound quality was excellent thanks to support for the efficient aptX and AAC codecs.

Watching video on my laptop, the audio and video stayed perfectly in sync thanks to the low latency transmission. No noticeable lag at all.

Customer review

Q: Does this work with ipads?

A: iPad has bluetooth built in, you don’t need this

Q: Does this work with iPad Pro?

A: iPad has bluetooth built in, you don’t need this

Q: By any change can this be used on my keyboard to make it wireless?

A: If you look for a default implementation the answer is no. This will only work as a USB sound device to the pc, Nintendo switch and Android. Bluetooth pairing is on its own board. To pair Bluetooth you need to use the button on the board, and have the earphones in to pairing mode so the 2 pair each other’s. As you cannot choose the pairing device from keyboard, I doubt you can connect it to a keyboard. On the other hand it is also doubtful that the keyboard input can be transmit to the computer through it.

Q: Can you use when the switch is docked?

A: Just tested this real quick, can confirm it works.

Q: Has anyone used with google stadia ?

A: I couldn’t get it working. It works with my phone, a pixel 3 xl. And I can get the pixel wired earbuds to work with the stadia controller. But this headset + stadia controller doesn’t work.

Q: Does this device work as a transmitter with Airpods? Other brands do not provide a means to control volume in the transmitter mode.

A: Airpods work, but volume control is from the device not the transmitter

If you need to stream audio from a TV, stereo or other optical source, the C51 won’t work and you’ll need a transmitter with optical input like the Avantree Priva III. But for a fuss-free USB audio transmitter, the C51 gets the job done.