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Avantree Aria Pro 2: Low Latency Audio for Mobile

The Avantree Aria Pro 2 is a Bluetooth transmitter/receiver with aptX Low Latency codec support for synchronizing audio with video on phones, tablets, laptops, TVs and gaming consoles. By incorporating the latest Bluetooth 5.0 and aptX technology, the Aria Pro 2 delivers CD-quality wireless streaming with as little as 40ms latency—fast enough for watching videos, gaming or video chatting without lag or delay.

aptX Low Latency Streaming

With Bluetooth transmitters and receivers supporting the aptX Low Latency codec on both ends, the Aria Pro 2 provides virtually imperceptible latency for audio/video synchronization over a wireless connection. Where standard Bluetooth introduces a lag of 100-200ms which can make watching videos or gaming feel “off”, aptX Low Latency reduces delay to as little as 40ms for a natural, engaging experience using wireless audio gear, soundbars, headphones or earbuds with your devices.

CD-Quality Sound

In addition to low latency, the Avantree Aria Pro 2 supports 24 bit aptX HD streaming for wireless audio playback in near CD-quality resolution with a frequency response range of 5Hz to 40kHz. This level of hi-res performance allows the subtle details, imaging and dynamics of your media to shine through when using the Aria Pro 2 for connectivity between devices and premium headphones, speakers or sound systems in your home theater or console setup.

Universal Compatibility

The Aria Pro 2 works with any device with either a 3.5mm headphone out or RCA out for connectivity to external audio equipment. This includes smart TVs, Blu-ray players, gaming consoles like PS4/Xbox One, streaming media devices, and smartphones/tablets whether Android, iOS or Windows. The included RCA and 3.5mm cables provide a wired connection from your source to the Aria Pro 2, which then transmits over Bluetooth to your receiving device like speakers, soundbars or headphones.

For enjoying your favorite movies, music, games and video chats without latency over a wireless network, the Avantree Aria Pro 2 delivers a premium solution for high-resolution sound in sync. By incorporating the latest codecs for CD-quality audio and minimal delay, the Aria Pro 2 lets you experience wireless freedom without compromise on your mobile or home theater devices.

Overall, the Avantree Aria Pro 2 aptX Low Latency Bluetooth transmitter/receiver provides a premium option for setting up your space for wireless hi-res audio and visuals seamlessly paired. With support for 24 bit/48 kHz streaming and asynchronous Bluetooth for minimal A/V lag, the Aria Pro 2 frees media from wires without syncing issues—putting premium Bluetooth performance in home theater, console gaming and mobile video applications finally within reach of all. Experience the media you love in high-resolution. Cutting edge cordless.